Driver fined £500 for mistake that could happen to YOU – and how to avoid it

A DRIVER stopped by police on the A11 near Elvedon has been fined for making a simple mistake while driving.

In a tweet sent by Norfolk & Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team, a picture shows a dark grey Volkswagen Passat Estate.


The driver of this VW Passat made a simple mistake but it cost them dearCredit: NSRAPT

It turns out that the driver wasn’t British and had confused their speedo when driving on the motorway.

The tweet said: “#CVU carrying out checks on commercial vehicles #A11 #Elvedon when this car passes at 100mph.

“Driver was not a UK resident so a roadside deposit of £500 was taken from him.

“His speedo was in kph & he said he didn’t know what 70mph was in kph.”

British speedometers need to be able to display the speed in miles-per-hour and kilometers-per-hour.

On analogue dials, this is written on, while on digital dials (as could be fitted to this Passat) you can usually flick between the two in the settings.

European cars don’t necessarily need to be able to display MPH though. That said, those with digital dials will probably have the capability.

This driver claims he got mixed up – 100kph is 62mph, while 70mph is roughly 112kph.

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But given he was barrelling along at 100mph, which is around 160kph, we’re not sure how he managed to get this one so wrong.

Regardless, it’s worth knowing the difference between mph and kph, especially for those used to KPH in a MPH car.

You could quite easily think you’re doing around 60mph, but actually be doing 100mph while thinking it’s KPH you’re looking at.

In the case of this chap it meant an on-the-spot £500 fine.

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