The View fans think new co-host search has narrowed down to three candidates

THE View fans have claimed that the new co-host search has reportedly been narrowed down to three potential candidates.

Fans have compiled a short list on an online thread for the new host of The View lineup. 


Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Ana Navarro, and Sunny Hostin pictured togetherCredit: ABC
Fan have compiled a short list for the new co-host of The View


Fan have compiled a short list for the new co-host of The ViewCredit: ABC

One of the potential candidates is Alyssa Farah Griffin, 33, the former White House Director of Strategic Communications during the Trump administration,

Another candidate added to the list is Tara Setmayer, 46, a former GOP communications director on Capitol Hill.

The name of Lindsay Granger, the host of Daily Blast Live, was also dropped in the thread. 

Fans assumed the ABC network is “probably going to pick Alyssa at this point” but “feel Tara Setmayer should get the job,” because “she has the best chemistry with the ladies and can disagree agreeably.”

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The current lineup of the talk show includes Joy Behar, 79, Whoopi Goldberg, 66, Sara Haines, 44, Sunny Hostin, 53, and guest co-host Ana Navarro-Cardenas, 50.


At the start of July, a source close to the show revealed to The New York Post that a new conservative host will be added to the roster.

The insider revealed: “I would expect an announcement before the season ends on August 5.”

“If you watch the show, you can see people who are coming back regularly to join the co-hosts at the table.

The source added: “It is an invaluable experience for the show. And it was always the plan to make sure they had a seat at the table.”

Republican panelist Meghan McCain, – daughter of the late John McCain and diplomat Cindy McCain – quit the show in July 2021.


While the ladies of The View are enjoying a brief hiatus, fans theorized that a major panel shake-up could possibly be on its way.

Fans believed that Whoopi, who has been a co-host since 2007, might be on her way out.

This fan theory came after the series of on-air blunders from the Ghost actress and her previous controversial comments about the Holocaust.

Back in January, the Sister Act star claimed the Holocaust, which involved the murder of six million Jews and other victims, was not “about race.”

She was briefly suspended from the talk show as many viewers continued to slam the host for her remark.

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A petition circulated on that insisted on Whoopi being let go of her hosting duties for her “repulsive actions.”

A theorist wrote: “They [The View producers] probably have some secret plan behind this big announcement, although all we want is for Whoopi to get fired.”

A source claimed  that an announcement might be made 'before the season ends'


A source claimed that an announcement might be made ‘before the season ends’Credit: ABC
A new conservative host might be added to the lineup


A new conservative host might be added to the lineupCredit: ABC
Fans theorized that Whoopi might 'get fired'


Fans theorized that Whoopi might ‘get fired’Credit: ABC

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