Mum baffled by odd bathroom feature in flat – can YOU work out what it is?

A MUM has been left baffled by a “bizarre” bathroom feature inside her new flat – but can you work out what it’s for?

Mina Alcantara spotted the unusual shower accessory shortly after moving into the pad on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.


The strange addition to Mina Alcantara’s shower baffled social media usersCredit: Facebook/ Kmart Inspired Homes

She called on social media users to help work out the purpose of the white ceramic platform sticking out of the shower wall.

The mum-of-two explained it was present in both showers in the property and was desperate to work out its function.

Mina wrote in a Facebook post: “We moved in recently and I can’t work out what this is in the shower.

“Both showers have it, there’s a proper big niche for shampoo etc. – any idea?!’ It slopes down it doesn’t really hold a soap bar.”

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Her query sparked a huge online debate among social media users who shared their opinions of what the intriguing platform was for.

She told YahooNews: “I really thought it was for a soap bar so I put it there and it just fell.

“My four-year-old tried to sit on it.”

Many were left stumped by the value of the ceramic installation, while others were certain they had cracked the mystery.

One person commented: “Looks like a soap holder that’s been put the wrong way.”

Another asked: ‘Was this soap holder put in upside down??”

And a third added: “Very odd.”

But one user offered up some of her personal shower experience to shed light on the mystery object.

She wrote: “My husband asked me if the people before us (in their 70s) used it as a way to hold up a leg during shower nookie, and now I can’t get the image out of my head.”

Others seconded her assumption, informing Mina it was actually a foot stool used to prop yourself up on to make it easier to shave your legs.

“Shave shelfs” were particularly popular in the 1990s as people were wowed by their ability to stay steady while using a razor.

One user added: “It’s definitely a foot rest.”

And another envious commenter said: “I’ve wanted one my whole life!”

But not everyone was as enthusiastic about the footrest, warning Mina about the “dangers” that come along with it.

One cautioned the mum: “Just don’t put too much weight on it! They come off the wall if older!!!'”

A second complained: “Mine’s just installed for me to bang my shins on and cover me in bruises.”

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Mina said more Facebook users had urged her to remove it after they ended up in hospital as a result of using the footrest. 

She said she was “blown away” by the response to her question and joked: “My footrest is breaking the internet!””

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