Mystery as skeletal remains have link to hoarder crushed to death

A MYSTERY still lingers after the discovery of skeletal remains showed an eerie link to a hoarder who was crushed to death by his own trash.

Robert Ellzey, 70, is believed to have suffocated under the weight of his possessions inside his unkempt and overgrown home.


The discovery of a man buried beneath his own trash has led detectives down another mysterious path

The grisly discovery was made in early March by Parma Heights police.

“It was brought to our attention by some of the neighbors over on Manorford that they hadn’t seen Robert Ellzey in a few days,” said Detective Adam Sloan.

“Out patrol officers went over there and they did locate Mr Ellzey passed away in his house.”

According to neighbors, Ellzey became more of a shut-in due to the harsh winters in the area.

A welfare check was conducted at Ellzey’s residence on March 2 and that is when responding officers found the man’s lifeless body surrounded and underneath his own stuff.

Detectives and the medical examiner worked to determine Ellzey’s cause of death.

“It was positional asphyxia, which means that some of the stuff in his house had actually trapped him there,” said Sloan.

“After speaking with some of the neighbors, there were some grumblings about his mother, Lois.”


Lois Ellzey was born in November 1924, but not much else was known about her except that she owned the home her son had died in.

There was no death certificate or missing persons report, begging the question: What happened to Lois Ellzey.

“Some of the neighbors mentioned that Louis may have passed away almost 10 years ago or so,” said Sloan.

“We didn’t have any concrete evidence on that. No documents or anything to point to a specific date, time or year.”

Sloan added that there were no missing persons reports filed in connection to Lois, prompting an investigation into her whereabouts.

“Even when we started looking into her, when we ran Lois’ information, there was nothing that popped in our databases that showed her as a missing person.

“To our knowledge, she was never missing in any of our local agencies. [If she were reported missing, out of state [police reports] would have showed up as well.”

Investigators searched for any clues regarding Lois but it wasn’t under Memorial Day that another shocking discovery was made.

Brook Park police officers were called to a self-storage facility on May 30 to a reported discovery of a body found in one of the units.

The strange unit that held the gruesome secret had been rented by none other than Robert Ellzey, said Sloan.

A box in a dark corner of the unit held the skeletal remains of a woman later identified as Lois Ellzey.

“We were told that she may have passed away in 2012. How long she’s been in the unit, we’re not sure,” said Sloan.

“This is being investigated by the Brook Park Police Department and we are assisting with the investigation, which is still ongoing.”

Where, when and how Lois died is still a mystery as the medical examiner has not determined a cause or manner of death.

Investigators are certain she died a decade ago and the neighbors in the area agreed.

But the discovery of Lois’ body has now led to even more questions, with many wondering about the woman’s retirement benefits, which continued to arrive at the home.

“If mom passed away, she’s not listed as deceased. Why is social security still coming in? Why is she still getting retirement checks? That’s obviously what led us to where we’re at today,” said Sloan.

“It’s hard because Robert is not around anymore as well. It appears that the social security and the retirement funds were still coming at the time we found Robert.”

An investigation is still ongoing and much of it has centered around Robert, said Sloan, though detectives have not ruled out anything or anyone.

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“This investigation is going to continue to go on until we can unfold some information,” he said. “Just a crazy turn of events.”

No immediate family members of Robert and Lois Ellzey have been identified or located and it’s believed that the two only had each other.

The skeletal remains of Lois Ellzey were found in a box inside a storage unit owned by her son, but it's unknown how she ended up there


The skeletal remains of Lois Ellzey were found in a box inside a storage unit owned by her son, but it’s unknown how she ended up there

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