The View fans are concerned after host Joy Behar skips show AGAIN

THE View fans have started to become worried about host Joy Behar after she missed her second day in a row.

The show has only just returned from its hiatus, but the 79-year-old comedian is already missing from the hosting panel.


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Both Joy and Sara Haines have been absent from The View two days in a row now, but only the latter’s lack of attendance has been explained.

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg revealed on Monday that Sara is out with Covid, which meant she’d be likely be out for a few days, in order to recover and no long be potentially contagious.

As for Joy, very few details were given, making fans extra concerned.

Whoopi explained to the audience at the start of Monday’s episode: “We have to tell you, Sara is out with Covid. We want her to get well soon. 

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“Joy does not have Covid, but she’s not in today. She’s taking the day off.”

Though fans noticed Joy was once again missing from the show on Tuesday, Whoopi did not give any updates on her whereabouts.

One worried fan tweeted: “Where’s @JoyVBehar? I hate it when she’s not there.”

They added: “I hope she’s ok.”

Another asked: “Where’s Joy??”

A third wrote, “No Joy again,” before adding that they were going to change the channel without her on The View.

A fourth wondered: “Wait a minute! Where’s Joy?!?”

To which a fellow stunned fan replied: “ANOTHER day off??”

The host is the only original panelist on The View, having joined when it first premiered 25 years ago.

Joy’s absence comes after the cast was in the Bahamas for a week, in celebration of the show’s 25th anniversary.

Then, everyone had last week off, before they were all set to return on Monday.

Though viewers understood Sara being out due to an illness, they were surprised that no real explanation was given for Joy.

This comes after rumors of the 79-year-old retiring from The View.

However, Joy’s rep dismissed the claims, telling the New York Post: “Fake news.”

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They revealed that the veteran panelist’s new contract will keep her tied to the talk show until 2025.

It is not known how much Joy is being paid for the new contract, however, the controversial comedian reportedly made $7million per year with her previous deal.


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