Teen Mom fans spot ‘bizarre’ detail in Chelsea Houska’s photo with daughter

TEEN Mom fans say Chelsea Houska looks “unnatural” in a recent photo circulating online of her holding her three-year-old daughter, Layne.

Fans and followers contend the reality star’s face looks bizarre after what many claim are the effects of cosmetic procedures gone wrong.


Chelsea was slammed for her cold appearance in this photoCredit: Reddit
Fans were shocked as Chelsea showed off her dramatic makeover


Fans were shocked as Chelsea showed off her dramatic makeoverCredit: Instagram

In the undated photo, Chelsea, 30, is sitting on an oversized padded chair holding her daughter in one hand.

The tiny tot is squatting on her mom’s crossed legs for leverage, as she leans in to give Chelsea a kiss on the cheek.

But in an online chat room, many people took issue with the star’s solemn faced reaction to the show of affection.

“It’s the frozen face from botox, pushed up and out from fillers, trying to appear not posed when in fact she’s looking the most unnatural,” one fan pointed out about the picture, later advising viewers to zoom in on the photo for more details: “her eyes…. … WHAT! Dead eyes from asking hubby to get the pic right over and over again.”

Another gave Chelsea’s look an N-O: “I’m a big Chelsea fan, but this is too much. Poor thing isn’t even able to smile properly.”

One fan noted: Bent neck lady vibes,” while another added. “She looks like she got her soul sucked out of her.”

And one fan longed for the good days: “I wish Chelsea would’ve left her face alone. She was so naturally pretty, now she’s just odd angles.”

Teen Mom fans have previously urged Chelsea to slow down on the fillers and botox, after commenting that her face looks “droopy” in a recent video.

Earlier this year, the reality star addressed the camera while wearing a Nirvana sweatshirt and yellow beanie.

“Okay so I was just at Ulta, again, I went twice in one week, I went back for another one of those huge sponges and they were all gone.

“So whoever went and snatched those up, I’m mad now.”

Chelsea then went on to show off her makeup haul, including a “cream bronzer, a cream blush, shape tape concealer, brow glue, a lippy stick from Colourpop, and a random brush.”

The TV personality then paused her reveal to tell fans she had something in her “eyelash”, as she pulled her left eye down to clear the debris.

However, fans were much more concerned with Chelsea’s face during the videos, as they raced online to slam her for going overboard on plastic surgery.

“Ughhhh Chelsea come on girl, stop f**king with your face,” one pleaded.

“Handsome squidward is all I see when I look at her. Chelsea, you f**ked up,” a second remarked.

A third ripped: “She’s starting to look like a plank of wood with facial features.”

The star and her husband, Cole DeBoer, are the parents of daughters Layne, three; Walker, one; and son Watson, five.

She also shares her daughter Aubree, 12, with her ex Adam Lind, 32.

Chelsea and husband Cole are currently filming a new reality show


Chelsea and husband Cole are currently filming a new reality showCredit: Chelsea Houska/Instagram
Fans want Chelsea to stop with cosmetic changes


Fans want Chelsea to stop with cosmetic changesCredit: MTV
The Teen Mom star has four children of her own


The Teen Mom star has four children of her ownCredit: Instagram / @chelseahouska

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