Neighbours final episode to air tomorrow as iconic soap ends after 37 years

Neighbours fans are concerned ahead of show’s epic finale

Friday is fast approaching, and with it the epic one-hour finale of Neighbours , but as we move closer to the episode’s release, some fans are worried it will be a “let down.”

Despite the return of iconic faces, such as Margot Robbie and  Kylie Minogue, there are whispers that it may not live up to the hype.

One fan is so concerned, they took to the Neighbours Reddit to air their worries.

The thread creator said: “Since it was announced it will end I was certain they’d make the finale amazing.

“But it’s really getting close now & there’s no sign of things turning into the heartwarming, community-filled episode I’m hoping for.

“I’m genuinely worried it’ll be a bit of a dud.”

They continued: “Episodes right now should be filled with the light stuff Neighbours has always excelled at – characters all hanging out together, having barbecues, pool fun, dinners together, reminiscing about good times, reaffirming good relationships etc.”

One Neighbours fan replied, saying: “Yes! I’m finding it very odd that storylines aren’t wrapping up yet. I was expecting either what you’ve said, or some massive interesting storyline by now. It’s all very dragged out and boring honestly.”

A third viewer also agreed, commenting: “Yes I’m getting a bit worried about that too. Hopefully all the major storylines like David in Prison, Paul and Terese, Clive and Jane’s drama, will come to some conclusion then we can have a great heartwarming finale. I’ve been disappointed with Harold’s return so far.”

“Agreed, it seems a bit underwhelming so far,” said a fourth fan.

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