I’m a mum, my go-to summer activity for kids & there’s no cleaning up afterwards

COMING up with new ideas to keep your toddler occupied can be a bit of a challenge – especially if you’re after some that don’t require lots of cleaning up afterwards.

But one busy mum has done just that, and shared it on social media so that everyone can take note.


Lily Coco has shared one of her favourite summer activitiesCredit: Instagram/@lilybcoco
The activity involves soapy water


The activity involves soapy waterCredit: TikTok/lilybcoco

Lily Coco, who runs her own mumfluencer social media and blog, uploaded a video giving tips to other parents looking for family fun in the summer months.

The mum-of-one, who lives in  Tennessee, America alongside her 18-month-old daughter, wrote: “Fun toddler activity to keep your toddler entertained.” 

She then showed footage of her little girl using soap water on a roller to paint an outside wall.

Lily added that it kept her occupied and entertained for almost a whole day, as she added: “We “painted” like this for hours.”

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Revealing how it’s done, Lily explained: “All you need is some water and a roller or brush.

“They’ll have so much fun ‘painting’. Great for working on balance, focus and motor skills.”

She then added an extra top tip, as she said: “Add some bubbles for more fun!”

What’s more, when the fun is over, it requires no cleaning up as it’s just clean soapy water that will dry over time itself.

In fact, your walls and fences will never have looked cleaner when your toddler is finished with them.

Lily quipped: “She loved it so much! Kinda thinking about “painting” our fence tomorrow…cause it needs a wash.

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“Now I’m like, ‘what else can we clean?’” 

Lily’s social media following went mad for the tip, as they said it was “so smart” and a “cool idea.”

The summer activity is fun and free


The summer activity is fun and freeCredit: TikTok/lilybcoco

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