I’m an etiquette pro – the right way to walk down stairs in a long dress

AN etiquette expert posted how to properly go downstairs while wearing a dress and not trip on the hem on TikTok.

The user Sofia Li, or @sofia.marbella, posts videos on proper etiquette, saying that not holding up a dress too high is key.


Sofia Li will teach you how to be a “lady”Credit: TikTok/ Sofia Li
You should lift your dress only above the ankles


You should lift your dress only above the anklesCredit: TikTok/ Sofia Li

Instead, she said in the TikTok video, you want to bend at the knees and grab the skirt with both hands on either side.

“I thought this was common sense,” one person commented.

“I think we all learned this watching Disney princesses growing up,” said another.

“This gives me such rich aunt vibes,” a third shot back.

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“How do people not know this?,” a fourth said.

The video has been viewed more than 1.7million times.

In another video, Li offers advice to men, saying they should always be first when entering through a revolving door so they can push for their female partners.

“Gentlemen should definitely go first,” the on-screen text reads in the video.

Li makes it clear in her other videos that men should always enter an establishment first.

Commenters bemoaned the tip which they said had sexist undertones.

“etiquette = completely arbitrary rules of politeness that are in no way necessary today,” one commenter griped.

“God gave me TWO hands so I can push the door by myself,” said another.

But not every viewer felt similarly.

“Ppl are so upset in this comment section. This practice uses the traditional values of etiquette, and it has nothing to do with equality,” one TikToker wrote.

“times change, my dear!,” another person wrote.

The revolving door etiquette video has been viewed over 3.1million times.

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