I’m a fashion expert – the simple wardrobe swaps to make you look younger

A FASHION expert spilled her secrets on how to look younger with a simple wardrobe swap.

Jennifer Ebelhar, who goes by @thestyleequation on TikTok, said you should avoid wearing black as you get older.


Jennifer Ebelhar styles women over 50Credit: TikTok
Wearing black near your face will accentuate dark circles and wrinkles


Wearing black near your face will accentuate dark circles and wrinklesCredit: TikTok

“As we age, some of our favorite wardrobe staples, no longer serve us like they used to,” she said in a recent video.

“In your 30s or 40s everyone wears black. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and you cannot beat the versatility of a little black dress.”

Ebelhar said at a certain point, however, wearing too much black and blue can age you further.

Similar to wearing colors that match your eyes, Ebelhar said wearing blue and black can accentuate dark circles and wrinkles, especially if you do not wear makeup.

“If your gorgeous dark hair of your youth has turned to gray or even silver, your skin tone has likely changed as well and you can’t wear those dark, dark colors you once could,” she said.

Instead, Ebelhar recommended framing your face with white or a pop of color that brightens it and makes you look more youthful and fun.

“It’s also a great way to incorporate the color of the season, showing that you keep up with trends,” she said.

“Try incorporating bright colors and jewel tones as you build your outfits.”

Jewel tones are “emerald, ruby, sapphire, amethyst…rich colors derived from jewel tones,” according to Ebelhar. 

“So dial back the black to look younger and follow me for more wardrobe swaps. That will take years off of your appearance.”

“Girl you’re out here doing the Lord’s work. I didn’t know that about black!” one person responded in the comments.

Ebelhar admitted the suggestion is not one size fits all.

“Sending this to my mom. She’s 84 and has worn only black clothes for years!” one commented.

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“These are suggestions, not rules,” Ebelhar replied. “If she’s rocking the black, awesome!”

Ebelhar is a personal stylist, specializing in women over 50, according to her website.

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