My ex is dating someone new – I discovered the funniest way to get back at them

GETTING over an ex is never all that easy.

If the breakup is messy or one-sided, people often feel hurt, betrayed, and angry.


A woman came up with a genius way to get back at her exCredit: TikTok/yahurd1313
She tried to cause a fight between him and the new girlfriend


She tried to cause a fight between him and the new girlfriendCredit: Getty

That anger grows even greater if you see that your ex has moved on with someone new.

One woman named Amanda Hurd, who goes by @yahurd1313 on TikTok, was bitter after learning that her ex started dating a new woman.

Rather than wallow in her anger, however, she came up with a genius strategy to get back at the new couple.

It involved a little bit of trickery and ingenuity.

In the TikTok video, she said: “Next time a guy asks you for your number, give him your ex’s number and tell him your name is your ex’s new girlfriend’s name.

“Start fights, not relationships. Stay toxic.”

The point of the exercise is that your ex will think his new girlfriend was chatting up some other guy at the bar – and a fight will likely ensue between the two of them.

Amanda claimed it “worked like a charm” and some viewers said they, too, had successfully done this.

She received nearly 800K views and hundreds of comments commending her for the creativity and determination.

“Oh damn. This is a new one and I’M IN,” one person wrote.

“Well, if this isn’t the best dang advice I’ve gotten on this app,” another added.

“EXCUSE ME?! Genius of the world,” chimed a third.

When another person asked how the ex took it, Amanda said that she heard he “wasn’t happy.”

Viewers thought she was a genius for the idea


Viewers thought she was a genius for the ideaCredit: Getty

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