My husband is a cop – don’t buy bumper stickers naming your kids’ school

FOR most parents, keeping their kids safe is the number one priority.

Although we all do the best we can, there are a few common behaviors that make us vulnerable to crimes.


A woman said she has learned a lot from her cop husbandCredit: TikTok
She said you should never leave your car door unlocked


She said you should never leave your car door unlockedCredit: TikTok

 A woman named Rebecca Lynn, who goes by @proudpolicewife on TikTok, created a successful blog and wrote her own book that offers support, education, and resources for law enforcement families.

Being married to a police officer, she has learned a lot about safety.

She said there are a few things she would never do (and things she recommends doing) thanks to her extensive knowledge on the matter.


Although you may be tempted to rep your child’s school on the back of your car with a magnet or sticker, Rebecca said it’s a bad idea.

“We will never add those stickers to the back of the car that tell how many people are in your family, or magnets that identify what school our kids go to or what sports teams our kids are on.”

Those cute stickers that portray your three children and your dog are better off inside your home than on your car.


Her second piece of advice was to have a family safe word.

“In case of an emergency, we may have to use that safe word if we’re out in public.

“Or my husband and I have signals if we have to separate for a specific situation in public, which we have had to do before.”


If you think it’s ok to leave your car unlocked once it’s tucked away in your driveway, think again.

“Even if you live in the safest neighborhood in America, you need to lock your car doors.”

This is especially true if you have an automatic garage door opener in your car.

“If someone were to break into your car, now they have access to get into your home.”


Her fourth tip was to increase your situational awareness.

“Being aware of who is around me, what is around me, what buildings and lights are on, things like that, so that I am safe in the environment.”

She said to always trust your gut.

“If something doesn’t seem right, then it probably isn’t right, and you need to get out of the situation.”

Rebecca teaches this same practice to her kids.

“Because a lot of times, people are very distracted – especially with cell phones – so we’re not paying attention to our surroundings and the situations that we’re in.”

It's important to be aware of your surroundings


It’s important to be aware of your surroundingsCredit: TikTok

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