Joy-Anna Duggar shares rare family pic after ‘hiatus’

JOY-Anna Duggar shared a rare family pic after her social media hiatus as fans claimed her husband Austin appeared unrecognizable with his huge beard.

After a six-month break, Joy-Anna, 24, talked about her return to social media in an Instagram Story.


Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth posed with their childrenCredit: Instagram
Joy said she was 'focusing on my family'


Joy said she was ‘focusing on my family’

The former TLC star said: “I know it has been so long since I have been on here. 

“Honestly, I don’t regret it. I loved my break from social media and focusing on my family.”

Not only did the Counting On alum speak with her fans, but she also uploaded a sweet family photo. 

Joy and her husband, Austin Forsyth, 28, posed with their two children: Evelyn, one, and Gideon, four, for a group photo.

In the caption, the Counting On alum revealed that she had been traveling, camping, and “working on house projects” during the summer. 

She did not regret her absence but was grateful to her fans for “checking on us and for your love.”

Joy concluded: “Loving this stage in life.”

Austin – typically clean-shaven – stood out from the rest of the group because of his thick beard.

Fans jumped to the comments section and slammed Joy’s husband for changing his clean-cut appearance. 


One critic said: “Not only are beards ugly, but guys do not know how to keep them clean. I always want to grab some scissors and cut them off.”

Another critic noted: “It’s about Austin’s length. Drives me nuts. It’s not him.”

A third critic added: “I think he looks more like a Civil War re-enactor.”

A fourth person chimed in: “He has a Civil War face.”


Back in July, fans started becoming concerned for the couple since they stopped sharing their recent adventures on Instagram.

Alongside their children, the couple used to post photos with their pet cats and dogs.

The last photo taken with the pets was back on September 10, 2021, when Joy and Evelyn snapped a few selfies with their kitten.


Fans recently assumed that the social media break took place because Joy was in the midst of an alleged family feud with her sisters Jessa, 29, and Jana, 32.

The reality star was tagged in a photo alongside her friend Esther Bates and several other girls as they enjoyed lunch and visited the salon.

Fans noticed the absence of Joy-Anna’s older sisters and became convinced there was a feud going on.

One fan asked: “Any thoughts on why Jessa, Kendra, or Jana aren’t on these girl outings?”

Another fan assumed: “I think these ladies actually like each other, whereas Jessa seems too unlikeable to hang out with friends.

“And Jana probably has zero in common with a bunch of young wives and mothers.”

Joy-Anna's kids took a photo with their pet kitten


Joy-Anna’s kids took a photo with their pet kittenCredit: Instagram/Joy-Anna Duggar
Joy-Anna went to a salon with her gal pals


Joy-Anna went to a salon with her gal palsCredit: Instagram
Joy-Anna said she was traveling and camping with the family


Joy-Anna said she was traveling and camping with the familyCredit: Instagram/Joy-Anna Duggar

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