I’m a bartender – sneaky trick we use when a customer complains about a drink

BARTENDERS are known for their fast-paced moves slinging and serving up drinks behind-the-bar.

But one clever bartender has shared his trick for when he’s told by a patron that their drink isn’t strong enough.


One bartender has shared a hack for when customers complainCredit: TikTok
The video has more than 5million views on TikTok


The video has more than 5million views on TikTokCredit: TikTok

Coach, who uses the handle @soberbartender19 on TikTok, shared the hack in a viral video.

“Teaching the rookie how to deal with ‘it’s not strong enough,'” the on-screen text reads.

The bartender is seen placing a full drink with a straw on the bar.

“Watch this,” Coach says to the bartender he appears to be training.

He then reaches for a bottle of liquor and pours some into the straw, likely giving the drink a stronger alcohol flavor.

The video has been viewed more than 5.2million times.

Viewers have mixed feelings on Coach’s hack.

“If you want it strong ask for a double,” one person commented.

“My favorite bar trick,” someone else wrote.

“I just used to flip the straw! Does wonders,” another commented.

“if no straw add a splash to the top of the drink,” another trickster wrote.

Others felt differently, saying they don’t wish to taste the alcohol in their beverages.

“I never understood this . I don’t wanna taste my alcohol,” one person said.

But one commenter appeared to have the ultimate advice for bar patrons.

“I always go to the bar with cash and and make sure my first two tips are huge. That way my drinks are stronger and I get immediate service,” someone else wrote.

Coach responded: “Works every time.”

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