I’m a cleaning pro – how to disinfect your coffee pot without smelly vinegar

A CLEANING pro has revealed a cheap product you can use you clean your coffee pot without making it smell like vinegar.

All it takes is a dentures cleaning tab to keep your cup of joe free of any unwelcome germs, the domestic expert says.


A cleaning expert said you can use denture tablets to clean your coffee potCredit: Getty

If you, like many Americans, use your coffee pot every morning, this can make it susceptible to all sorts of germs.

“Keeping your coffee maker spic and span is super important, and not just because it keeps your brew tasting great,” CookingLight said.

“It also keeps your go-to appliance from becoming a breeding ground for yeast, mold, and bacteria.”

You can find some designated cleaners for coffee pots, but those can tend to be very pricey.

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Others have used vinegar as a cheaper alternative for cleaning.

However, this can leave an undesirable smell in the machine that’s supposed to motivate you in the mornings.

Luckily, there’s another way to keep your cup of ambition clean and smelling delicious.

“Denture cleaning tabs utilize the antibacterial and alkalizing properties of sodium bicarbonate (the primary ingredient in baking soda), and when combined with fizzing properties, is essentially like scrubbing and cleaning on a micro level,” said dentist Lee Gause.

This makes the cleaning tabs a great tool for cleaning stubborn, hard-to-reach areas.

Plus, denture tabs fight stains that could form at the bottom of your pot over time.

If that’s not enough, the tabs are super cost-effective.

Packs of over 200 denture tabs sell for roughly $15 each, CookingLight reported.

Now that you’ve found the perfect solution to cleaning your coffee machine, here’s how it’s done.

All you have you do is will the reservoir to the max line like you’re going to brew a full pot.

Then, drop two tablets into the water and let them fully dissolve.

Finally, run it through two cycles of warm water.

For the carafe, you can fill it all the way up with warm water before putting in one to two tabs.

Just let the carafe sit for five to 10 minutes before rinsing and stains at the bottom of the pot should be gone!

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