Mum shares trick to remove bleach stains from carpet with cheap Amazon product

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IF YOU’VE ever spilled bleach on your carpet before you know that there’s no use trying to remove it, it’s already too late.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not other solutions to the mess.


The mum couldn’t work out how to cover the bleach stainsCredit: Getty

One mum recently posted in the Facebook group  Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It after she discovered a bleach stain on her son’s carpet.

She wrote: “I need some advice… these marks came up on my son’s carpet! I’ve tried cleaning it. Any ideas what I can do to remove them?”

Thing’s didn’t seem very hopeful since the stain had already set into the carpet.

Some users reckoned the best thing to do would be to use an off cut of the carpet from somewhere that wouldn’t be visible, like under the bed.

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However, one user had the genius idea of using marker pens to cover up the stain.

They wrote: “Permanent marker pen same colour of the carpet.”

Although the mum is yet to post an update on her son’s carpet, some users added that carpet markers are available on Amazon.

The handy pens have coloured dye in them so are perfect for covering bleach stains and they’re definitely cheaper than forking out for a new carpet.

The reviews of the pens are glowing, one person wrote: “Works great!! Easy to use and easy to fix ‘oops’ stains.

“Accidentally ruined my boyfriend’s carpet by dropping bleach on it, this stuff saved the day!”

A second wrote: “Have grand kids and the spill stuff so it was easy to touch up carpet to make it look fresh.”

Girl preparing to spring clean


Girl preparing to spring cleanCredit: Getty

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