I’m a hair expert, my five rules to stop damage to your locks

A HAIR expert has shared the five things she would never do to her own locks after years in the industry.

Trichologist Taylor Rose, who runs her own TikTok profile called @thehealthyhur, said it’s important to keep your hair health in check, which means some things and products should be avoided at all costs.


The hair expert shared how to stop damaged locksCredit: TikTok/@thehealthyhur

Taylor explained to her 885,000 followers that many popular hair myths are completely untrue – starting with how it’s a good idea to leave hair oil in overnight to help soften it.

She explained: “I used to do this but dermatologists now think that this clogs hair follicles and I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

The second thing you shouldn’t do is “use a shampoo with silicones in it.”

The hair expert continued: “Silicones often lead to build-up and inflammation of the scalp.”

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Taylor’s third tip is dedicated specifically to heat damage, as she urged her followers to never use “heat on hair more than once a week.”

She added of appliances like hairdryers and straightners: “This is one of the fastest ways to damage your hair.”

The penultimate piece of advice was extremely important to Taylor, who explained that she regularly sees other people saying it’s a good idea when she knows that it’s not. 

After she told people not to use lemon on their hair before going out in the sun to lighten hair, Taylor went on to say: “Sun can damage your hair’s cuticle.

“And overuse of lemon can cause itchiness to the scalp because of the acidity.”

Before she signed off the TikTok video, Taylor delivered her final top tip – to never skip conditioner when washing your hair.

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She concluded: “Conditioner promotes healthy, moisturised ends.”

And when one of her followers asked for her personal recommendation, Taylor answered: “I like Shea moisture best so far but I’m still looking for a better one.”

Taylor said you should only use heat on your hair once a week


Taylor said you should only use heat on your hair once a weekCredit: TikTok/@thehealthyhur
Meanwhile lemon on hair should be totally avoided


Meanwhile lemon on hair should be totally avoidedCredit: TikTok/@thehealthyhur
The expert also said she'd never sleep in hair oil


The expert also said she’d never sleep in hair oilCredit: TikTok/@thehealthyhur

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