I’m a bra expert & people always make the same mistake with their underwear

FINDING a comfy and flattering bra is tricky, so it’s no surprise that many people decide to wear the same one on repeat.

But professional bra fitter Nicola Crook, who is from the UK, took to TikTok and asked: How often should we really change the bra we’re wearing?


Professional bra fitter Nicola Crook revealed how often we should really change the bra we’re wearingCredit: TikTok/@nicolacrookonline
The bra guru noted that bras are like humans and need a rest, too.


The bra guru noted that bras are like humans and need a rest, too.Credit: TikTok/@nicolacrookonline

Testing the nation’s knowledge, she posed the question before offering two possible answers.

“Should it be A – once a day, or B – once a week?” she asked.

I'm a bra expert and you should never do this with your underwear
I'm a bra expert & there’s a mistake nearly all women make with their underwear

After giving social media users a chance to reply in the comments section, Nicola revealed: “The answer is actually A – once a day.”

Offering an explanation behind the correct answer, the expert continued: “The reason being is that you want to give these delicate elastics time to rest and go back into shape.”

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If you’re wearing the same bra every day, you’re going to stretch your bra out and its not going to last as long.”

Ideally, you should have four bras in rotation so you can wear one, and rest one.”

She added: “Did you know bras are like humans and they need to rest!”

Brook captioned the video: “Did you know bras need to rest? I will explain all in this video.”

The post has since garnered thousands of views and been flooded with comments from social media users.

“Stop – I wear the same bra every 3-4 days but very often 5,” wrote one.

A second quipped: “I know but I do C (once a month).”

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A third admitted: “I thought it was like 2-4 days.”

Meanwhile, another commented: “I change my bra with every outfit and I change my outfit throughout the day depending on what I’m doing. Gym. Shops etc.”

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