I’m a flight attendant – my hacks to fit ’14 days’ of clothes in a carry-on

A FLIGHT attendant has shared her secret to fitting 14 days worth of clothes into a carry-on, helping you avoid having to check a bag and saving you money in the process.

As flight attendants spend most of their time traveling, they need to know how to maximize their suitcase space.


A flight attendant has shared a packing hackCredit: TikTok/@katkamalani
The packing hack is said to save space in carry on suitcases


The packing hack is said to save space in carry on suitcasesCredit: TikTok/@katkamalani

Reddit user Phxflyer shared on the forum that a flight attendant said the best packing hack is to roll clothes.

The user wrote: “Definitely roll your clothes.

“I can get between 12 to 14 days’ worth of clothes in a carry-on rolling bag if I roll, slightly less in the winter.

“A flight attendant told me about it and I’ve been doing it for a while now.”

Other Reddit users applauded the hack and even shared their own experiences having tried it.

User Frecklesfunn said: “Roll up everything, in full outfits.

“I put a full outfit on the bed from longest to shortest article of clothing and then roll it up.

“I only pack one extra outfit for how many days we will be gone in addition to a few extra underwear/socks/shirts. With kids especially – this makes life so much easier.”

Another user said that rolling clothes “takes up far less space.”

The only thing to be aware of – even when using the rolling method – is the weight of your carry-on.

Some low-budget airlines have weight restrictions on carry-on luggage.

Be sure to check with your airline for carry-on rules and restrictions so you don’t fall victim to having to check your bag upon arrival at the airport.

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