Shocked Countryfile fans brand show ‘pure filth’ after raunchy scenes

LAST night’s episode of Countryfile was branded as “X-rated” content and “pure fifth” by fans after the show depicted four scenes of animals mating.

In the latest instalment of the agricultural show, which aired on Sunday night, presenter Hamza Yassin set off in search of red deer fawns, but saw much more than he expected. 


Hamza went trekking through the Scottish highlands in search of red deer fawnsCredit: Hamza Yassin Photography
The presenter found the fawns but not before seeing a stag mount a female deer


The presenter found the fawns but not before seeing a stag mount a female deerCredit: BBC

Upcoming Strictly star Hamza, 29, took to the bonny hills of the Scottish Highlands in last night’s episode of Countryfile.

He was searching for young red deer fawns and trekked almost 10 miles to find two siblings playing close to their mother.

However, Hamza saw several other groups of red deer before he was able to see the fawns up close. He used some antlers which had fallen off as clues to track them, and followed the path of the river so they couldn’t hear him coming.

The first herd he saw was a group of young deer and stags. To the presenter’s surprise, two of them started mating in front of him. 

“There’s the young stag, he’s just mounting a female. That’s amazing,” Hamza said. 

He added: “It’s not the time of year, it’s the middle of summer. Maybe he is just practicing.”

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To fans’ shock, this wasn’t the only mating scene Countryfile showed last night. 

Fellow presenter Tom Hartwell filmed two bees mating, while Richard Taylor-Jones saw two sets of birds 

One was a mating between a pair of grey partridges who, as Richard noted, were on the brink of extinction only a decade ago, but numbers have slowly started to rise again. 

Richard suspected he was going to see their pair mating after he watched the female flatten herself to the ground. 

“The male has just got on top of the female, he’s pecked her by the back of the head, pulled her head up, and that’s grey partridge mating,” he explained.

“I have never seen that before!” the presenter added excitedly. 

However, the scenes were too much for some viewers who took to Twitter to discuss the raunchy scenes. 

One said: “I reckon that’s four sex scenes this week! Pure filth!! #countryfile.”

A second fan said: “What’s going on Countryfile? So much mating.”

A third commented: “It’s just pure filth tonight.”

“There’s an awful lot of pre-watershed nooky on Countryfile tonight,” a fourth fan added.

“X-rated!” exclaimed a fifth viewer.

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Countryfile fans were not expecting this much animal mating when they turned on the BBC show. 

“There was a lot of bird sex tonight. Partridges were at it too. #disgusting,” another fan added, to which another viewer replied, “[that’s] certainly not what I pay my licence fee for.”

Richard Taylor-Jones was amazed by scenes of two grey partridges mating


Richard Taylor-Jones was amazed by scenes of two grey partridges matingCredit: BBC

Countryfile continues next Sunday on BBC One at 7pm.

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