EastEnders favourite Rose Ayling-Ellis set for shock EXIT from BBC soap

Emmerdale star update

Emmerdale star, Mark Charnock has revealed an update on Marlon Dingle’s ongoing storyline after he had a stroke in March.

Speaking to Digital Spy about the slow approach to the storyline, Mark said: “[Soap is] the only form of drama where you can do it like that, really. Where you can do day by day changes – literally. So we’re very lucky in that respect.

“These small, incremental changes that take place – the downs and the ups. I do feel that soap is the only form of drama where you can tell a story like this in such detail.”

On future milestones for Marlon’s recovery, he continued: “Who knows where he’ll be? The pace of recovery can vary massively. I don’t know where he’s going to be in a few months’ time, but that’s what’s great about it.

“Every time you get a script, you see little differences that they’re starting to put in. Obviously I’ve had conversations about where he might be in a few months’ time, but they want to take their time with it. It’s important that they don’t rush it.

“It’s really important that it takes its natural time. So I’d love him to go back to work – that’d be huge for him. I imagine that when he does go back to work, he won’t be the same – it will present massive challenges. But he’s a workaholic, he’s in love with his job. I think that’d be a great thing for him.”

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