Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk start time confirmed with UK fans set for late night

Anthony Joshua addresses his post-fight rant

AJ admits his astonishing post-fight rant was the result of all the pressure on his shoulders.

He said: “When you’re trying to do things from the heart and everyone is just not understanding. It was just from the heart. I was mad at myself. Not anyone else just myself.

“So I thought, I’ve got to get out of here because I’m mad. Like anyone, when you’re angry, you might do stupid things.

“I was mad and then I realised, ‘Oh shit, this is sport. Let me do the right thing and come back.’

I just spoke from my heart. It’s been so tough. You see AJ holding it together, yeah, and I’m a hustler so I try put things together. Try work hard and put things together and make sure my team’s good.

“But it comes at a cost, a big cost. It’ll never break me, but it takes real strength for it not to break me. And tonight, there’s a little crack in the armour when I took a loss.

“And I think you just saw me just upset. And with the speech, I was just speaking about where I come from. I was on the roads, really. And I made a transition to boxing that really changed my life and brought me closer to God and brought me closer to meeting so many people.

“And I just kind of laid it all on the line with my speech. But let’s not forget the champ Oleksandr Usyk. He put on a phenomenal performance as well. So credit to him.

“I can’t remember what I said in the ring because it was just so passionate, but I just want to say thank you to him for taking part in a great historical fight as well. It takes two to tango. I was just so upset.”

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