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I’m a female teacher – my students say I look ‘sick’ and ask why I’m not married

CRUEL bullies can make school challenging – even when you’re a teacher.

One woman said her elementary school students have “offended” her with remarks about her height, her relationships, and her clothes.


Alina Bitter is a second-year kindergarten teacherCredit: tiktok/meetmissalina
In a video, she recounted the 'offensive' comments she's heard from students


In a video, she recounted the ‘offensive’ comments she’s heard from studentsCredit: tiktok/meetmissalina

Kindergarten teacher Alina Bitter (@meetmissalina) kept track of her students’ rude comments for several days.

At the end of the week, she recounted them in a video complete with reenactments for her followers.

“Here are the ways my kindergarteners have managed to offend me this week,” Bitter said at the beginning of the clip.

Then, she took on the part of her students, acting out their conversations on the screen.

“Um, Miss Bitter, why do you look sick?” one student had questioned her.

When Bitter said, “I just didn’t feel like wearing makeup today,” her student responded with a skeptical “…Oh.”

Others asked invasive questions about her personal life.

“Miss Bitter, do you ever get sad that you’re not married?” one student asked her.

Others weren’t sure how to reconcile her short stature with her status as a teacher.

“But like, are you ever gonna get any taller?” a confused student asked.

The students’ comments continued through Bitter’s lessons.

During one activity, Bitter was drawing a gorilla on the whiteboard. Little did she know, one of her students was an art critic.

“Your gorilla kinda looks like a weird cat,” the child said. “I can tell you’ve never drawn a gorilla before.”

A child dissatisfied with a reward for good work asked, “Are you only giving us mini stickers because you don’t have enough money for the big stickers?”

Even her students’ compliments were actually insults in disguise.

“Your sweater kinda looks like rainbow sherbet,” said one student the day Bitter wore a pink, orange, and purple sweater.

Bitter thanked the student, who then responded in a deadpan, “I only like chocolate ice cream.”

Some kindergarteners relied on a more classic insult formula. “Your name kinda sounds like butt,” one told Ms. Bitter.

Her fellow teachers were quick to provide sympathy and share some of the mean comments their own students have made.

“I almost never wear makeup,” one woman wrote. “When I do, the students ask me why I look prettier!”

Another said her student had asked if she had a husband or a boyfriend.

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When she responded in the negative, the concerned student asked, “Are you lonely?”

Bitter couldn’t help but laugh along with the other teachers to keep from crying. “Absolutely brutal out here,” she wrote in a comment.

Other teachers said their students make comments similar to Bitter's 'brutal' pupils


Other teachers said their students make comments similar to Bitter’s ‘brutal’ pupilsCredit: tiktok/meetmissalina

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