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Emmerdale boss reveals Caleb Milligan will turn on the Dingles

Caleb Milligan rocked up the Dales and worked on his relationship with his half-brother Cain Dingle.

Sadly, Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson has teased the siblings will go to war as the newcomer causes his long-lost family huge trouble.

The character portrayed by Will Ash has been shrouded in mystery since his first arrival, when he visited village tough man Cain Dingle (portrayed by Jeff Hordley) in prison.

Both men didn’t get off to a great start as Cain found it difficult to trust Caleb from the get-go.

But after Caleb went above and beyond to get Kyle Winchester cleared of all charges in the case of Al Chapman’s death, he eventually found a spot in Cain’s seemingly stone-cold heart.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and Cain will soon be proven right in his initial approach of Caleb.

Speaking to The Sun and other press, Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson revealed that the schemer, who was revealed to be Frank Tate’s secret son, will turn on the Dingles.

And Cain’s wife Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) is set to pay the price as she will be sent “into financial ruin.”

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