Andrew Tate made bizarre demand on Twitter before house arrest was extended

Teachers given new lesson plans to tackle toxic influencers

Educators across the UK have been raising concerns about views that some schoolboys hold and how they’re being influenced by influencers such as Andrew Tate.

Mayor Sadiq Khan confirmed a project with art and education charity Tender that produced new lesson plans that will challenge sexist attitudes and teachers will be trained to deliver them to students.

CEO of Tender, Susie McDonald, said: “The rise in harmful sexist and misogynistic attitudes among young people requires urgent action. Such attitudes play a significant role in increasing domestic abuse and sexual violence — both in the short term and long.

“Influencers exploit any fears and insecurities that boys and young men may have about their sense of identity and what it means to be male.

“It’s important young men are not attacked for being curious about these messages, but encouraged to discuss, dissect and ultimately conclude themselves that these views are negative.”

Some of the guidance given to teachers, says: “The idea that someone who feels provoked has no responsibility for their actions should be challenged.

“In general, people who are violent or abusive to their partners are capable of controlling their actions but choose to use abuse as an effective means of getting what they want.”

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