Fans laugh at Danny Rose’s outfit as they compare ex defender to Cheryl Cole

FANS have poked fun at Danny Rose for his strange outfit choice.

The former England international appeared on Sky Sports for their coverage of Newcastle vs Tottenham.


Danny Rose was subject to taunts because of his hatCredit: Getty

Rose played for both clubs and provided insight into the two teams in his role as pundit.

But viewers watching on were more concerned with his attire – in particular his choice of cap made by fashion brand Ruslan Baginskiy, which costs around £300.

Fans mocked the ex-defender and likened his hat to something popstar Cheryl Cole would wear.

One wrote: “Can’t decide if Danny Rose looks like a train conductor or if he’s going to sing Cheryl Cole’s fight for this love.”

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Another added: “Not sure if Danny Rose is gonna bang out a Cheryl Cole song or go fight for North Korea.”

A third said: “If Danny Rose took away one thing from his stay in Newcastle, it was clearly fashion advice from Wor Cheryl.”

Several other fans also ridiculed Rose but were a little more creative with their comparisons.

One fan said: “Danny Rose dressed like a train conductor on Sky Sports 🤣🤣”


Another added: “Danny Rose in town for a American civil war reenactment?”

A third commented: “Why does Danny Rose look like he’s just told Darth Vader some bad news and is going to get lifted off the ground using a force choke?”

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