I have two dogs from a ‘dangerous’ breed – they’re scared of the silliest things

A PET owner has shared some of the silly things their “dangerous” breed dogs are terrified of.

Fellow pet owners agreed with her list, saying that it all “hits home.”


A pet owner has shared a list of items her ‘dangerous’ breed dogs are scared ofCredit: TikTok/knight_thepit
One of her pit bulls barked incessantly at balloons


One of her pit bulls barked incessantly at balloonsCredit: TikTok/knight_thepit

The pet owner (@knight_thepit) shared the list with over 2 million TikTok followers.

“Things my ‘dangerous’ dogs are afraid of,” they said, showing off their two pitbull breed pets.

First up: the so-called vicious dogs were scared to their wits of balloons, with the two pets barking nonstop at the helium-filled plastic.

Next up was a can of whipped cream, with one pitbull backing away slowly from the dangerous canister.

Third was a lollipop, which one of the pit bulls ran away from with quickness.

Next was the vacuum, which had one pitbull barking cautiously, scared to set off the machine.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts — many pet owners found themselves relating.

“The greatest irony is that these dogs are the biggest scaredy-cats,” said one commenter.

“My pit is scared of brooms, trash cans, pillows, yarn, and my favorite, their own tails,” said another.

“The balloon hits home,” said a third.

“My husky pitbull mix had an absolute fit over hot air balloons,” agreed another.

“She was shivering for a week when one came too close to the yard.”

Another was terrified of her lollipop


Another was terrified of her lollipopCredit: TikTok/knight_thepit
One of her pit bulls couldn't handle the noise of the vacuum


One of her pit bulls couldn’t handle the noise of the vacuumCredit: TikTok/knight_thepit

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