Moment Royal Marine commandos clash with Gibraltar police leaving eight injured

Shocking new video shared with MailOnline appears to capture the moment Royal Marine commandos clashed with police in Gibraltar in a brawl that saw seven arrested on Friday.

Royal Gibraltar Police were responding to a call near the Ocean Village Gym when they became involved in a brawl with elite soldiers from 43 Commando at around 4am.

Footage showed officers wrestling men in civilian clothing to the ground. One man in a T-Shirt and shorts was seen to back off with his hands up as police adopted fighting stances and grappled with others.

A second clip shows sirens lighting up the street as police detain suspects on the floor near a police car. Police were reported to have used batons and pepper spray to stop the soldiers in the clash that left seven officers and a member of the public injured. 

Suspects were charged on Saturday with offences including assault on police, violent disorder and disorderly whilst intoxicated. They will appear in court on Tuesday.

The commandos are part of a 550-strong unit, based at HM Naval Base Clyde in Scotland, responsible for protecting Britain’s nuclear weapons. 

Police wrestle someone to the ground in Gibraltar

Footage showed the commotion between police officers, commandos and the public

A fight erupted at around 4am near the Ocean Village Gym

A man lies on the floor while another is hunched over

People are pictured clashing, on the floor and doubled over, as police arrive on scene

Marines and police are seen clashing outside the gym

A man in a police jacket appears to detain someone on the floor

Footage shows the aftermath, with sirens lighting up the street, as police appear to detain somebody on the floor

Kyle Connell, 20, Anthony Houghton, 36, Graham Tait, 42, Cameron Bull, 23, Connor Holborn, 24, Sandy Dove, 36, and Samuel Bates, 26, are part of a 550-strong unit responsible for protecting Britain’s nuclear weapons.

The Royal Navy’s website says they are currently on deployment for ‘Maritime Security’ – boasting the group includes crack snipers and close combat specialists.

Royal Gibraltar Police said: ‘Seven men will be appearing before the Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday morning (May 2) following a large fight in Ocean Village.

‘During the incident, seven RGP officers and one member of the public were injured. 

‘The Response Team officers were required to use captor spray, baton tactics and unarmed defence tactics. 

‘The Royal Gibraltar Police officers were assisted by officers from the Gibraltar Defence Police. Early this morning, the men, who are all serving members of the military, were charged.’ 

Houghton was charged with two accounts of violent disorder, one of resisting and obstructing police, one of disorderly whilst intoxicated and one of assault on the police.

Dove was charged with two counts of violent disorder, one of resisting and obstructing police and one of assault on police.

Connell, Tait, Bull, Holborn and Baits were all charged with two counts of violent disorder and one of resisting and obstructing police.

Police rushed to Ocean Village Gym, next to a harbour-side strip of bars, after receiving a call. Pictured: Ocean Village Gym

Police rushed to Ocean Village Gym, next to a harbour-side strip of bars, after receiving a call. Pictured: Ocean Village Gym

Police had to call the Gibraltar Defence Police for backup as they tried to subdue the serving soldiers. 

They have been bailed with conditions, pending their court appearance on Tuesday. 

A Ministry of Defence (MoD) media officer told The Olive Press that ‘seven service personnel from 43 Commando were arrested by Royal Gibraltar Police on 28 April 2023’.

The Navy’s website reads: ‘From snipers who can disable a moving speedboat from a pursuit helicopter, through to close combat and cold-weather warfare specialists, 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines are the elite warriors who protect the UK’s strategic nuclear deterrent.

‘The unit works closely with the MoD Police but also supports the Atomic Weapons Establishment, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard.

‘Ready and able 24/7/365, 43 Commando delivers specialist capability in a uniquely complex urban, maritime, industrial environment.’

The MoD has been contacted for comment. 

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