I absolutely hate wearing a bra – I found a simple hack means I don’t have to

A TIKTOKER has revealed a hack that keeps her supported without wearing a bra, and all you need are two household items.

The fashion guru took to social media to confess that she hates wearing bras and found an alternative method that’s just as effective.


TikToker and fashion guru Heidi revealed a bra hack that requires just two household itemsCredit: TikTok/@heeidi_
Heidi noted that bra pads from sports bras can be taken out and taped to shirts for support


Heidi noted that bra pads from sports bras can be taken out and taped to shirts for supportCredit: TikTok/@heeidi_

“I absolutely hate wearing a bra, so I’m gonna show you my hack,” influencer Heidi (@heeidi_) told viewers in a recent video on TikTok.

At the beginning of the clip, Heidi said that viewers should look for padded inserts in one of their sports bras and remove them.

“All you’re gonna need are these bra inserts that you can find in any sports bra,” she explained.

Secondly, a double-sided fashion tape roll was needed.

From there, viewers could conclude that the influencer would use the tape to make a makeshift bra with the pads, placing them onto her chest for support.

However, Heidi noted that taking the pads and sticking them onto your skin could spell disaster when the weather is hot.

“I used to stick the pads onto my skin, but on hot summer days it wasn’t really effective because the tape would start losing grip,” she told viewers.

“So, I found a different way to do it.”

Placing each bra pad on the floor, Heidi explained that her hack would allow for the pads to stick to the wearer’s shirt instead of their skin.

Intentionally positioned tape on each pad in three different corners offered maximum coverage.

“We’re going to use the outside of the pad, and we’re going to use little strips of tape on each corner — like so,” the fashion guru said, pointing to double-sided tape on the pads.

Heidi continued that the next part was personal, depending on the wearer, as they would need to position the pads where they wanted on the shirt.

“Then you’re going to take your pad and you’re gonna estimate approximately where you want it, and you’re gonna stick it on the inside onto the shirt,” she said.

The clip then transitioned to Heidi, showing the difference between the no-bra look and the padding hack, with a clear difference in support and lift.

Heidi noted that the hack essentially serves as a backless bra.

“Now you have a backless bra and you can pretty much apply this to anything,” the influencer noted.

“I love it, and I don’t have to wear a bra.”

Fans who also prefer to go without a bra praised Heidi for her ingenious hack.

“Such a nice hack! I’ll definitely be trying,” a user wrote.

“So smart!” another exclaimed.

A third added: “Omg I do this all the time.”

Others said they didn’t care and intended on letting their chest breathe anyway.

“Same!! Except I don’t care lol free the boobies,” they noted.

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