I’m a relationship pro – 5 signs your partner is ‘quietly quitting’ from you

A RELATIONSHIP expert has revealed the five tell-tale signs that your partner is quietly quitting on you.

The term “quiet quitting” has become more widespread in relation to the workplace – aka putting in the least amount of effort without actually resigning – but it turns out it can apply to romance too.


Relationship pro Amanda shared five red flags to watch out forCredit: Tik Tok

Relationship coach Amanda has revealed the five “red flags” you should look out for in your partner.

On her @amandatwiggsjohns account, she said: “Quietly quitting means a slow disengagement from you and the relationship.

“Do you sense that your partner is progressively disengaging from you?

“There’s been a slow erosion of emotional connection and closeness, here’s how to know for sure…

I'm a relationship expert - there's a sign your partner is considering divorce
I'm a relationship pro & 90% of marriages end because of two common phrases

“1) You don’t feel affection from them, including affectionate touch.

“2) They don’t pay attention to you or make an effort to make you feel seen, heard or understood. 

“3) They are closed off and don’t engage with you emotionally.

“4) They avoid talking with you about future plans or dreams.

“5) You live separate, parallel lives and you don’t do anything fun together.”

Her video has racked up hundreds of likes, with one person saying in response: “I’m quiet quitting my relationship. 

“Spoken to him so many times about my needs but they get ignored. Now I’ll quiet-quit and leave when I’m over him.”

Amanda replied: “We all have to decide what we will and will not tolerate in our relationships.”

Meanwhile, one guy wrote: “i did all of these and nearly killed it.”

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