Weekly career horoscope for May 22-28: Chart and predictions for your star sign

THIS week you will be turning over a new leaf as Jupiter moves into Taurus.

Here is what you can expect when it comes to your career.


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What is my career horoscope?


Aries, chart sunshine warms your communication centre for the next few weeks, so you see so clearly where words need to take you next.

Plus how, and when, to use them.

At work, getting your ideas through may have felt a tough call, but barriers can break down when you show your commitment.


Leo, the warrior planet settles into your sign and remodels your immediate future.

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Libra horoscope – star sign dates, traits and compatibility

A career path that feels like a dead end can take an exciting detour.

You have the confidence to become a key part of a start-up team, that may not be rich in cash, but overflows with potential.


Gemini, it’s your moment to shine, with all the planet optimism, strength and warmth the sun brings to your sign.

Start right away – don’t waste a moment.

Your work opinions are suddenly in demand.


Cancer, smart cash deals, ambitious spending and saving plans, security deposits – whatever you need to keep your chart stable, Mars can make it happen in the upcoming weeks.

But you must play your part by truly committing to choices, rather than trying to keep all options open.


Virgo, nothing can stop your enthusiasm and optimism as the sun joins your chart right at the top. 

This is your cue to dig out old ambitions and give them an up-to-date twist. 

But also to let go of plans that deep down you know have run their course. 


Libra, above all this week, your chart zooms in on where you are going in life, and who you choose to go there with you.

This can be a surprise to everyone, but especially yourself.  If you’ve been playing safe at work, the sun makes you adventurous and bold. 


Scorpio, ditching stale ambitions, that you may have inherited from someone older, is a positive personal move. 

So review all your goals, with clear vision — and break free from those you sense are weighing you down.


Sagittarius, for the next few weeks, you have Mars-enhanced ability to make major learning/ earning choices. 

These may take you out of your comfort zone, but in spectacular ways. 

After a time of delays and indecision your view of your future, near and far, can be crystal clear, energising and encouraging. 


Capricorn, maybe your career has been ticking along  – but your time in the sun is back, and it’s time for action. 

This can be anything from getting work dreams into words, and starting to focus properly on your future, to approaching someone whose job you’ve always admired, and asking for tips.

Horoscope traits

What does your star sign mean for you?

Aries – The best and worst characteristics of the head of the zodiac
Aquarius – The traits you need to know for the air sign
Capricorn – What does this star sign mean for your personality?
Cancer – The key traits for the sign include a keen love of food
Gemini – The traits to be aware of for the sign with a symbol of twins
Leo – The best and worst characteristics of the fire sign
Libra – What does the seventh star sign mean for your personality?
Pisces – The key traits for the sign include an interest in the arts
Sagittarius – The traits you need to know for the fire sign
Scorpio – What does this star sign mean for your personality?
Taurus – The best and worst characteristics of the earth sign
Virgo – The key traits for the sign include loyalty and kindness


Aquarius, maybe you don’t see yourself as particularly creative – this week’s chart can prove you wrong. 

A moon of sensing what people need, and providing it in an irresistible package, can rewrite your work future, and your love prospects. 


Pisces, mind over matter is your chart theme as Mars heats your work and wellbeing zone. 

Yes, you can start to think yourself fitter, and more successful – as the signs suggest your own mindset may have been holding you back. 


Taurus, cash decisions that may have been weighing down your mind can grow lighter as the sun shifts signs, and you see that your own approach to money can be the key to success.

So accept advice this week but also listen to your own inner voice.

What traits does my horoscope have?


Famously passionate, fiery and argumentative, Aries is symbolised by the ram.

They are natural-born leaders and inspire with their bold, ambitious and strong-minded nature.

Aries love to be number one, are always on top of their competition, and never miss out on a challenge.

They also have traits such as determination, high energy and a way of acting with conviction.


Known for their stubborn nature, it’s only fitting those falling under the Taurus sign are represented by a bull glyph.

Grounded in hard work, slow and steady perseverance and security, the bull is the persistent provider of the zodiac.

They enjoy indulgences, luxuries and physical pleasures, and feel most content when pampered.

Steadfast and loyal, Taureans make for a steady, harmonious relationship.


Passionate, playful and intellectually curious, Gemini are always going a hundred miles per hour, juggling hobbies, work, friendships and romantic pursuits.

List of 12 star signs

The traditional dates used by Mystic Meg for each sign are below.

They can be intelligent, adaptable and charming while also possessing nervous and indecisive traits.

Their duality and adaptability can sometimes be misrepresented as two-faced, but in reality, they are loyal friends who always seek to improve their relationships.


People born as Cancer are highly intuitive, emotional and sensitive, with rich inner lives and gentle, empathetic nature.

Cancerians don’t let go of things easily once they have grabbed on to something like ideas, goals and relationships.

They are are guarded by a hard shell, which they need time and comfort to come out of.

They are homebodies and really family-oriented and make for great chefs and caregivers.


The celebrity of the zodiac, Leos are bold, fierce and always likes to be the centre of attention.

Passionate, enthusiastic and ambitious, it’s no wonder Leos are represented by a lion.

Those with a Leo star sign enjoy inspiring friendships and drama-fuelled romances and run away as soon as they get bored.

Ruled by the sun, Leos are full of life and vitality, and never stop pursuing their many passions.


A Virgo star sign is associated with organisation, good communication and high intelligence.

Virgos are logical, pragmatic and systematic, and work extremely hard to achieve their goals.

When astrologists read shapes in the stars centuries ago, they decided the glyph for Virgo represented an ‘unspoiled’ virginal woman.

Some say this is shown as an ‘M’ shape, for ‘maiden,’ while others interpret the crossed loop to represent the closed legs of a chaste virgin.

Because of their perfectionist nature, Virgos can come across as critical and judgmental, but they are the ones who feel this the most – they can be their own worst critics.


Charming, charismatic and easy to get on with, a Libra loves to find a balance in all areas of life – as symbolised in this abstract glyph.

Libras are the aesthetes of the zodiac – they need to be surrounded by beauty, symmetry and art.

Flirty by nature, they tend to find it difficult to commit to one partner, as they are also people-pleasers.

Their indecisiveness can sometimes hold them back in life, but they make up for it with drive and ambition.


The most intense of the signs, Scorpios are assertive, clever and cunning.

Their guarded, calculating nature protects an intense emotional world and when Scorpios fall for someone – they fall hard.

They are also the most sexual of the signs, appreciating the physical closeness with their partner.


Sagittarius’ are the travellers of the zodiac.

They are adventurous, curious, intense and adaptable.

They are known for having high reaching ideals and often reach for the stars in terms of living their lives in an idealistic fashion.

Due to being open-minded and intellectual, Sags are likely to ponder philosophical questions.


On one hand a Capricorn is hardworking, stubborn and goal-orientated but can also have an emotional side.

They are patient, materialistic and determined – not stopping until the job is done.

They tend to be the most financially stable of the signs.


Those who are born an Aquarius are assertive and analytical and can be perceived as eccentric.

They are stubborn and abrupt and often need their own space to think.

In a relationship they are most compatible with someone clever and opinionated.


Pisces can become easily overwhelmed with emotions as they feel deeply.

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They are romantic, soulful and intuitive.

This sign tends to avoid their problems or deal with confrontation.

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