I’m a redhead in my 50s – I wore a bikini in the snow, I may have frostbite

BEAUTY is pain, but for one woman, fashion means frostbite.

A redhead in her 50s braved the snow in one-pieces, just for fun.


Jo, a 54-year-old content creator, filmed herself wearing her new swimsuits in the coldCredit: TikTok/Idywhobrunches

Jo (@ldywhobrunches) shared the outfit video with over 5,000 TikTok followers.

“That time I thought it would be funny to film my new swimsuits in frigid temps,” she said.

The redhead strutted down mounds of snow in a yellow one-piece and red snow boots, leaving a trail behind her.

Realizing she may be feeling just a little nippy, she threw on a hooded zip-up for her next red-and-pink one-piece.

“Dumb ways to die,” the content creator joked.

“I’ll do anything for the gram,” she said.

“I may or may not still have frostbite,” she added with the hashtags #thisis54 and #womenover50.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on her antics.

Some thought it was a great idea: “You look soooooo good,” said one commenter.

“But you looked great doing it,” agreed another.

Others thought she would be perfectly fine in the cold weather: “Fuego, enough to melt the snow,” said one supporter.

“If you die doing this, you die looking fabulous,” said another.

People joked it was a 'fabulous' way to die


People joked it was a ‘fabulous’ way to dieCredit: TikTok/Idywhobrunches

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