I have back rolls and jiggly arms – it’s normal, our bodies are amazing

A BODY-POSITIVE influencer has shown off the flaws that she’s proud of.

She says not only are her back rolls and stretch marks completely normal, but all bodies are amazing.


Sienna, a body-positive influencer, showed off things that she loves about herselfCredit: TikTok/notsiennadayyy

Sienna (@notsiennadayyy) shared her uplifting video with her TikTok followers.

“Things that are completely normal about my body,” the brunette said.

She lifted her T-shirt up to show off her belly, turning the camera to demonstrate her back rolls.

Sienna brought the camera in closer to reveal stretch marks on her stomach.

Next, the influencer jiggled her arms and panned to her stomach in a resting position, sitting pretty in rolls.

“My soft stomach and everything else,” she said, blowing a kiss.

“And your body is completely normal too, our bodies do the most amazing things so be kind to them,” she said, adding the hashtags #bodypositivity and #selflove.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“I’ve found someone with the same body as me I’m so happy,” said one commenter.

“Finally seeing my body type,” said another.

“You radiate a feeling that feels like home,” said a third.

“You are amazing, thank you for making this,” thanked a fourth.

She said she wants to normalize back and belly rolls


She said she wants to normalize back and belly rollsCredit: TikTok/notsiennadayyy

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