Himalaya BabyCare launches jumbo gentle baby wipes

  • November 11, 2020

The Himalaya Drug Company has introduced India’s first Jumbo Gentle Baby Wipes that are twice the size of regular wipes. Since it is normal for babies to create a mess while playing or eating, and they usually don’t stay still and throw a tantrum while being cleaned, keeping Jumbo Gentle Baby Wipes handy is ideal to maintain skin hygiene.

Backed with scientific research and infused with the goodness of herbal ingredients, Himalaya Jumbo Gentle Baby Wipes offer the convenience of using a single baby wipe for a quick cleanup! These wipes help gently cleanse and refresh baby’s skin from face to toe.

Key Ingredients of the wipes include “Indian Lotus” that helps keep baby’s skin soft and supple and “Aloe Vera”, a well-known herb in Ayurveda and a natural skin soother, the herb extract helps baby’s skin stay fresh and moisturized.

Himalaya Jumbo Gentle Baby Wipes are handy and can be used conveniently to clean baby’s face and body quickly in the below situations:

  • When baby is unwell with a temperature
  • While traveling
  • For evening freshness
  • If baby is fussy at bath time
  • After eating food or playing
  • During cold days
  • Before bedtime

Pack of 12 and 24 wipes is for INR 70/- and 126/- respectively.

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