Philips introduces Haircare high-tech devices and DIY female grooming products

  • July 31, 2020

Royal Philips has unveiled a new range of DIY female grooming products for hair care and facial beauty. With personalized care big on agenda, it has developed intelligent microprocessor enabled products that adapt real time and deliver unique care for the unique hair. Unveiling for the first time in India, Philips SenseIQ Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener use active sensors to measure hair’s temperature during styling session and adapt the temperature delivering personalized styling experience.

The newly launched products include a complete range – Facial Pen Trimmer as well as premium SenseIQ range– mark a ramping up of Philips easy-to-use-at-home offerings as more and more women are looking towards styling themselves at home.

“We believe there is always a way to make life better and at Philips, we do that by bringing to our consumer’s technology that cares. Our SenseIQ range is a prime example of that purpose – a first of its kind technology that senses & adapts as per your hair needs to ensure the best possible output with the least possible damage. The pen trimmer launch is another step in the same journey where we responded to the voice of consumer & made something that is a near essential for women especially in these days of avoiding frequent salon visits. As a company, we always keep our focus laser sharp on the impact that we are creating on consumer lives, all our actions are aimed at fulfilling our purpose which has made us the most loved brand in this segment”, said Gulbahar Taurani, Vice- President, Personal Health, Philips Indian Subcontinent.

Today, consumers are looking for grooming solutions at home to avoid the risk of stepping out, thus driving the “self-reliant” movement.  They are not just focusing on DIY grooming tools but also looking for solutions that deliver against their specific personal grooming needs. In haircare specifically, they are looking for solutions that cater to their specific hair type and delivers outstanding results. Philips bets big on personalized care with these products, which are a perfect answer to the daily customized grooming needs at home.

Philips SenseIQ Hair Straightener’s sensor measure hair temperature more than 20,000* times per styling session to quickly adapt temperature to lock in up to 70% of the hair’s natural moisture. It helps in maintaining the hair’s essential strength providing vibrant shine on the outside and healthy strong hair on the inside.

To provide the most effective yet protective hair drying, Philips Sense IQ Hair Dryer’s sensors measure hair temperature more than 4,000 times per styling session to quickly adapt temperature to lock in up to 90% of hair’s natural moisture. This results in hair which is dry yet retains natural moisture.

DIY facial hair removal is often a concern for women. However, the Philips Facial Pen Trimmer will be the perfect solution for hair removal from eyebrows, upper lips, and forehead. Featuring a compact and portable design and providing a pain-free experience, the Facial Pen Trimmer comes with a click on comb and cleaning brush.

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